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Latest News

Latest News

  • Newsletter 17 05 2024

    Fri 17 May 2024

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  • YR1CM news @RF

    Fri 17 May 2024

    In Year 1CM @RF we have been learning about plants and where our food comes from.

    We had a lot of children unaware of the way we can trace our food and products right back to the beginning. We have some ideas that our food is in our cupboards fridges freezers but we wanted to challenge ourselves to know ‘how do we know where our chicken nuggets come from’?

    We have been looking at ways to develop our understanding of what we eat and how we know what is in our food that we put into our bodies.

    We decided to go to our local store to find certain foods and discuss how they get to that store.

  • YR4SM news @RF

    Thu 16 May 2024

    This week in in 4SM @RF, last week the children made cupcakes in maths. We used ratio to work out the correct amount of ingredients, we used rounding to work out the cost and we investigated how much we could charge for cakes to make a profit for a charity cake sale. The children enjoyed the real life maths scenario and of course eating the cakes once they were made. 

  • REC LT news @RF

    Mon 13 May 2024

    In Reception LT@RF, we have been enjoying our learning about growing. We planted some grass seeds in a cup and looked after them over the week. Now we are observing them to see the changes as they grow. We wrote instructions and soon we will be giving our grass-heads a hair cut. We have been wondering if it will grow back again.

  • YR5EB news @RF

    Fri 10 May 2024

    In science, 5EB @ RF have been looking at materials to see if there are soluble or insoluble. We found when a substance dissolves, it might look like it has disappeared, but in fact it has just mixed with the water to make a transparent (see-through) liquid called a solution. Substances that dissolve in water are called soluble substances. When we mixed sugar with water, the sugar dissolved to make a transparent solution. Salt, we found is soluble in water too. 

    Substances that do not dissolve in water are called insoluble substances. for example, when you mix sand or flour with water, they do not dissolve- when we carried out the experiment and mixed flour with water, we were left with dough.

    Next week, we will put our science caps back on and we will look at how to recover materials from a solution.  

    Do you think we will be able to recover sand when mixed with water?

    Do you think we will be able to recover the salt from water and how?

  • YR4/5CR news @RF

    Fri 10 May 2024

    Yesterday, 4SM, 4/5CR and 5EB @RF had a fantastic time cruising along the River Thames in the sunshine. As part of our ‘Rivers’ theme, we learnt even more about the river and how it has been used over the years and did some landmark spotting along the way!  The children really represented Rangefield well yesterday, we’re so proud of them and how they conducted themselves. We’re doing some fantastic writing about our experience today and are looking forward to sharing them with other classes next week.

  • YR1MR news @RF

    Wed 08 May 2024

    In 1MR @RF, we read the book ‘Where the Wild Things are’, then we designed our own sliders in DT based on the book. We planned and drew our backgrounds based on the island that Max travelled to and met the wild things, then we decided which part we wanted to be able to move on our sliders. Finally, we made our sliders and had fun making our pictures come to life.

    Last week we invited our adults into class. We are looking at plants in science this half term, so decided to plant runner beans with our adults. As we’re reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ we made a castle to go in our pots. We can see our beans have already started to grow.

    In maths we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have been making equal groups.


  • Newsletter - 03 05 2024

    Fri 03 May 2024

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  • Oakbridge Nursery news

    Thu 02 May 2024

    Once upon a time at Oakbridge Nursery all the children began to build houses, one little child built their house out of see through shapes, another child built their house out of construction toys, & the last little child built their house out of waffle shapes. The children decorated their houses using Duplo blocks to print. The big bad wolves came along and huffed and puffed and tried to blow their houses down but the nursery children had built their houses so they were big & strong. All the nursery children lived happily ever after.

  • YR6BJ news @RF

    Thu 02 May 2024

    Year 6BJ @RF artists have embraced the true essence of perspective: the ability to see the world through new eyes. They’ve explored distant horizons, ventured into uncharted territories, and challenged conventional boundaries, all in pursuit of artistic expression. We have enjoyed sharing their pieces and discussing how they can improve their work further.