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YR1CM news @RF

In Year 1CM @RF we shared our day together with children from different year groups with three projects:

  1. Make a castle design, paint and make it. It needed to be versatile so the children could use in role play activities
  2. Make snacks for the Kings and Queens (cracker snacks -weird concoctions), make a Royal fruit kebab
  3. Engage with each other using our school values. Respect, Fairness, Determination, Friendship, Kindness.

All the children engaged with each other, they were all a credit to their teachers and demonstrated all of our school values throughout the day.

The children all discussed and planned how a castle could be made. They worked collaboratively and made it happen. They used the skills of each other to ensure it would be robust and not easily fall apart. They all enjoyed sharing the responsibility of painting it. The discussions on how the younger children could play successfully with the castle was really heart-warming and I felt very proud to be part of this collaborative learning.

The children moved around the activities with enthusiasm and respect throughout the day and were pushed on with the food projects to help them refuel throughout the sessions.

All in all a great day!!!!!