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YR1CM news @RF

In Year 1CM @RF we have been learning about Christianity. We went to our local church St Barnabas and we met Father Stuart Leck. Father Leck showed us around the church and explained what happens in the church such as services, ceremonies and celebrations.

He showed us and modelled the different clothing he wears at different times of the year. He explained how the colours used for the church alter, lectern and his clothing change for Christmas, Easter and weddings.

He also shoed us how the organ works. The children were fascinated with the tunes it makes. We discussed the singing and looked at the hymns that are familiar to the children.

Father Leck led a question and answer session which the children asked some really important questions?

What do you do each day for your job? – Care for the community. Visit people in their homes or hospital. He marries people and they have classes, he baptises people he helps people when somebody dies. He reads the bible and prays with people.

What does it mean when the bell rings? – It lets the people in the community know that service is going to begin.

Why are there so many candles? – They symbolise new life and new beginnings.

Do you sleep in the church? – No but next door in the house.

He gave the children a challenge to count the crosses in the church. – We found 51!