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Welcome from the Head of School

On behalf of the staff and pupils at Rangefield Primary, welcome.  I hope the website will provide all the answers to any of your questions, but if not please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


I was delighted to have taken over as Head of School in January 2019, shortly after the inspection giving a clear starting point for the many strengths of the school and the areas in need of improvement. 


Working with all of the school’s staff, including the Executive Head, pupils, parents and Governors, as well as in collaboration with our sister school, Forster Park and LB Lewisham my aim is to ensure Rangefield is the school of choice for local people.  That it is a place where pupils succeed, are and feel valued as individuals, where staff can develop and flourish and where parents feel engaged, informed, welcomed and part of the journey.  Rangefield, at the heart of the community.


In order for children to learn and grow in every respect the school will offer a broad, engaging curriculum, one responsive to changing times and the needs of the children.  The curriculum has been rewritten with our children in mind, reflecting our community and with a view to the wider world.  Learning will take place in a rich environment.  Trips to support topics will be encouraged as well as getting a range of people into the school to help with both curriculum and specific needs.


We will aim to communicate well, in person, in newsletters and in a timely way.  I and the team positively encourage comments and questions.  Effective communication is clearly a two-way process and relies on listening, understanding, clarity and at times agreeing to differ.  It must always be done on a basis of mutual respect.


Please, browse the website and if there is any further information you might need don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Mr Chris Ball

Head of School