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Our Core Values

Rangefield Core Values

Our core values at Rangefield are what we all believe in and are shared by our children, staff and school community.  Our values are an integral part of our everyday life and a fundamental base for the skills we learn through our curriculum. These are clearly understood by us all and are what we use to guide us through our learning and the way in which we develop a sense of belonging and pride at Rangefield Primary School.



By fairness in school and within our community we mean:-

  • that no child will be prevented from achieving their potential, whatever their social background.
  • that we will all develop skills in order to be able to resolve conflict by ourselves
  • everyone is given the same opportunities to achieve
  • that everyone will follow the rules, so that we are all following the same high standards
  • that we have the same rights 
  • our curriculum will provide opportunities for all children to achieve


By respect in school and within our community we mean:-

  • we actively listen to others thoughts and opinions and respond thoughtfully
  • shows tolerance for those with different beliefs and points of view
  • developing an environment in which everyone feels safe and can trust those around them
  • celebrating each others successes
  • share experiences and celebrations from different faiths
  • protecting our community and the environment in which we live and work
  • understanding the wider world we live in protecting our future environment


By responsibility in our school and within our community we mean:-

  • creating a positive learning environment, so that all children are able to learn and access their learning
  • being actively involved in our own learning
  • attending school regularly on time to learn
  • taking ownership and not making excuses for poor decisions made
  • participate in school life and the life within our community


By determination in our school and within our community we mean:-

  • developing skills in order to be successful
  • developing independence to strengthen our confidence
  • becoming self motivated to overcome obstacles and difficulties
  • gain skills to solve problems in life and learn not to give up when things become tough


By friendship in our school and within our community we mean:-

  • developing skills to support us in making better choices with each other
  • developing loyalty to others
  • encouraging others and inspiring them
  • being positive and caring for others
  • develop the understanding of trust in one another
  • being able to talk openly to someone, without fear or embarrassment that we wont be listened to


By kindness in our school and within our community we mean:-

  • showing concern and consideration for others around us
  • expressing compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves
  • showing sensitivity to each others feelings
  • being able to forgive and support others when they are finding things difficult