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Your teachers this year are... 

Nursery Nursery Class Mr. Andrews Mrs. Mills and Mrs Fry
Reception RA Class Mrs. Himeur and Mrs. Dargis
Reception RB Class Ms. Mackay and Ms. Adams
Year 1 1A Class Ms. Eldred & Ms. Mattison & Ms. Alleson
Year 1 1B Class Ms Roberts and Ms. Minchin
Year 2 2A Class Ms. Shingles & Ms. Prempeh
Year 2 2B Class Ms.Robertson and Ms. Kosiorowska
Year 3 3A Class Ms Mistry and Mrs. Vander
Year 3 3B Class Miss. Benson and Mr. Roache
Year 4 4A Class Mr Rogers and Ms. Palfrey
Year 4 4B Class Ms. Smith Ms Harle and Ms Bala
Year 5 5A Class Ms. Malyon and Ms. Connors
Year 5 5B Class Mrs. Lyttle & Ms. Bates
Year 6 6A Class Mrs. Wilson & Ms. Breen
Year 6 6B Class Mr. Rudd & Ms. Morris